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Products and Services

Get the complete picture of all options for your plans! With a broad array of applications, APMs are revolutionizing the way urban planners link major activity centers, shape development patterns and move crowds with quality service. Trans.21 is the transportation industry's information clearinghouse on worldwide APM developments, offering research, strategic consultation, newsletters, reference books and cutting edge reports.

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TransitPulse - a bimonthly newsletter focused on APM planning issues and news.

Planner's Guide to APMs - a directory of active APM suppliers and consultants CLICK TO VIEW SAMPLE DOCUMENT
TP Plus - a biweekly executive level e-letter emphasizing APM industry and marketing news on an international level. CLICK TO VIEW SAMPLE DOCUMENT
Airport APM Database - a spreadsheet of information on APM project parameters with contacts around the world. This Excel file contains configuration and operating information on all 43 of the airport APMs in service or underway. Giving special value is the name and telephone number of the responsible management or planning official. Also included are APM technology, year opened, fleet size, estimated daily ridership, and annual O&M cost. CLICK TO VIEW SAMPLE DOCUMENT

Airport APM Benchmarking - Each study summarizes an APM implementation and operating experience. It aims to allow cross-comparisons and facilitate planning decisions for airport officials. Available for Chicago-O'Hare, Miami, New York-JFK, Orlando, Paris-Orly, San Francisco, Copenhagen Metro, London-Docklands (City).

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Each report is a database of 8-10 pages, that resulted from approximately one week of effort including literature seach, site visit, and interviews with responsible officials.

Table of Contents:

Basic Information
Investment Costs (by  subsystem)
Contact Details Operating Costs
System Technology Performance Data
Network Operations Description
Fleet Experience and Insight

APM Case Studies - A series of 22 older (prepared in the 1990s) but more detailed reports covering planning, implementation, operation and economic perspectives.

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Table of Contents:

System Origins

Ridership and Operating Statistics
Principle Economic Parameters Safety and Reliability
General System Description Operating and Maintenance Costs
System Specifications Revenue/Finance
Procurement and Contracting Other Issues
Capital Cost and Construction Retrospective
Staffing and Management Further Information
Airfront Issues - 23 pages of salient points related to planning of commercial airport districts and their role in the world economy, prepared for a workshop that took place in March of 2003. This is an area largely unexplored by regional and airport planners, with little formal literature. The booklet has contact information of the 13 presenters and is available in paper or electronic form. $20 to cover shipping and handling.
APM Markets - 29 pages of materials on the status of and prospects for APM imple-mentations in 13 submarket areas, including airports, mass transit, and other institutional sectors, prepared from a 2001 workshop. $100 in paper or electronic form. Some basic illustrative graphics are included in the paper version but not the electronic.

Professional Services: Trans.21 provides strategic advice for the conceptualization of urban projects and tailored research as defined by your needs. Both services draw from Trans.21's extensive library and databases that have accumulated from over last three decades of international and cross-cultural work and our network of professional and enlightened citizens.

Email Lawrence J. Fabian for a free consultation.

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